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How to Plan Your Day For Optimal Success in Life and Relationships

by Christal Fuentes

Christal discusses how she structures her calendar – How to plan your day based off your core values – Why having a calendar makes you feel freer and why your life and relationships depend on it – What she and Andrew are NOT doing when they go on vacation.

Let’s discuss optimal schedules, and why they matter in the grand theme of our lives and relationships. As a freedom driven person, I used to believe schedules to be rigid and unsustainable especially with me and Andrew’s life.

We are very “up in the air” type people. In fact, every flight we book has to be changeable/flexible otherwise we are usually screwed.

Now, this doesn’t mean we are irresponsible and don’t stick to plans, it just means that in our world, things can change and since both of our fields have to do with people and managing relationships, we have to be able to be flexible.

If you heard one of our very first episodes of Talk. Listen. Change, I talked about why it is important to know what your core values are because core values are what dictate the tempo of your life (speed of which you do things).

By someone’s core values I can usually see where someone would be likely to spend most of their time and how fast or slow they prefer to move. Our core values also show what tends to be of most importance to us.

I talk a little more about our values here:

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Knowing your tempo is crucial.

Because as it relates to finding partners they have to either match or be damn near close to the same tempo, otherwise it will be easy to get frustrated or feel like your partner isn’t doing enough.

When I see someone’s core values, I can not only see what’s important to them, but I can also see why there might be some conflict in their intimate relationships.

If you want to find out what your core values are and how they are manifesting in your relationship, click here to book your session with me!

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Back to optimal schedules.

Most people would think that having a schedule would make someone feel less free but it does the exact opposite for me. It makes me feel freer because I am able to see where my time goes and what how I’m catering to all areas of my life so that I can do more of the things I love.

Things get done and I still cater to what makes my soul sing.

How to Plan Your Day for Optimal Success with The Ladies Coach - Love, Life, Relationship Advice for The Modern Woman

Calendars have a time and place though. You will NOT see Andrew and me with a mapped out itinerary when we travel. we are not those people. We like to move at glacial speed, have wine, relax, read books, and plan as we go. We are not adventurous when it comes to our travel itinerary. We are more of “we’ll meet you at dinner,” type of people.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t adventurous in other ways I just like to pick and choose my times to be.

My calendar is color coordinated for different things and at the end of the month, I reflect on this calendar to make sure that I’m giving time to things that amplify my life. I like a good routine and even when I travel, I like to create a semi-routine for my health and energy.

How to Plan Your Day for Optimal Success in Life and Relationships - The Ladies Coach Calendar

We travel a lot so this is important. No matter what, moving my body is key. I may not have the same schedule as I do at home, but I try to find ways to keep my body in healthy optimal shape.

In today’s episode, I am going to discuss a general run through of my day and how I plan for things.

I also share some supplements I use and found to be helpful in my overall energy. Like I said before… it’s really important to make sure your schedule reflects YOU.

Everyone is different which means your most optimal time may not be the same as mine and vice versa. When you might feel energetic, alive and creative might be exact opposite of others. Finding a routine that fits you is key.

For example: 4pm for me is when my energy starts to decline. So usually (unless I’m coaching) I will give myself an hour break during that time, especially if I’m writing or working on something creative. That is NOT my creative peak.

Do you need a calendar when you work a full-time “9-5” job?


Just because 40+ hours of the week is taken from work, you still have 65+ hours to do things you love and STILL get 8hrs of sleep a day. I think we forget about this.

  • Schedule in your gym session.

  • Schedule in your girl time.

  • Schedule in your date nights.

  • Schedule in your side hustle or passion project.

  • Schedule in your Dr. appointments.

  • Schedule in your personal errands.

… and be very specific about each. Like, I said I color code my schedule so I can quickly see where most of my time is going.

Success in relationships is all about time. At the end of the day, that is all we have of real value. So where do you spend most of your time? How are you catering to what’s important to you and those around you? We all have the same hours in a day, make sure at the end of the day you feel you feel inspired about how you chose to spend it.

Also, in our episode together I shared some of the products I use that help aid in my overall energy. If you are apart of our secret FB group you probably saw me do a video with Erin Simone Uncooked about some of the supplements we use in our kitchen. Like Crystal Drops, Cell Food Drops and Everlasting Youth Powder!

We got a lot of woo-woo things in our kitchen but your health is important so we will try anything!


Join our Secret FB Group and share a screenshot of YOUR calendar also, if you need any help structuring your day and finding the best rituals and routines that work for you, don’t forget to reserve your one-on-one with me!


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Christal Fuentes

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Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.


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