New Year, New You? Clear Up Roadblocks and Obstacles for Real Growth - Your January Horoscope (2018)

New Year, New You? Clear Up Roadblocks and Obstacles for Real Growth – Your January Horoscope (2018)

by Zen Rose Garden

Theme of the Month

The world is changing, can’t you feel it? Capricorn takes the lead this month in showing us how to clear out roadblocks and obstacles on our life path. With this New Year, we can expect the disintegration of the old making way for new growth that the world has never seen before.

January Horoscope Overview

This New Year is the time to start fresh. Pursue new ideas and passions; take initiative, embrace change and transformation. If you find hurdles in your path, don’t let them trip you up, think of them as guidance showing you a different way to your goal. This world is changing with us on a global, expansive level and, each of our individual journeys plays a part in the way our world evolves.

The Best Crystal for January

The crystal of the month for January 2018 is Clear Quartz!

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Aries this month is all about curiosity and playfulness. You can expect lots of extra energy and pep to start the year off right. Make sure to stay grounded, but enjoy the ride! Get out and flirt a little or just go play for an afternoon with some friends.

Aries, in the area of love and relationships, now is the perfect time to use that boundless energy you are feeling to let everyone you care about know how much you love them; friends, family or that special someone. If you’re making plans with your loved ones, make sure excess energy doesn’t scatter you or make you forget things you’ve committed to.

Aries, in work and career, quite a few new ideas and career insights may be heading your way. Don’t let them slip by. You’re in the drivers seat, so direct yourself right to the career path you want. Let those ideas fuel you!

Aries, overall this month, get out there, have a blast and let inspiration lead you! But, keep one foot on the ground so you don’t trip over your own two feet in the excitement!

The Best Crystal for Aries This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Crazy Lace Agate!

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Taurus, this month be willing to negotiate and compromise while being true to what you need. If you are having trouble getting on board with what those around you want, take a few moments to pause and talk it out, there is a solution that works for all parties involved.

Taurus, in the area of love and relationships, don’t protect your insecurities with cockiness. Rather than falling into bravado, talk about your feelings with someone close to you or your person of interest. Stay positive and don’t be afraid of opening up. Emotional intimacy is an important part of letting someone get to know you.

Taurus, this month in career and work, the key word is “fairness”. If you feel there is some imbalance at work and you feel heavily burdened, don’t get frustrated or ignore it! Bring it up in a direct way with the intent to foster fairness. Speak up for what you need.

Taurus, overall this month, take time for yourself and voice your feelings. No one will know what you need unless you say it.

The Best Crystal for Taurus This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Blue Lace Agate!

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Gemini, this month enjoy the witty banter and stimulating conversations that surround you. Remember people who make you feel light and turn to them if you need a bit of positivity! Through the year they love being there for you as much as you love having them around.

Gemini, this month, in the area of love and relationships, you may find yourself full of ideas for potential dates or fun romantic outings! Make sure you implement a few of them. Your love interest will enjoy the creativity and you will enjoy their response!

Gemini, in work and career this month, stretch that inquisitive mind of yours! Look at any problems you face this month as an unsolved puzzle. Make sure if things are unclear that you ask for clarification. Take time to mull over where you want to go with work for the coming year.

Gemini, overall this month is great for trying out new things and remembering what is important to you as well as working those intellectual muscles.

The Best Crystal For Gemini This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Purple Fluorite!

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Cancer, this month find productive ways to channel your enthusiasm and high spirits. If people around you are not quite on your energetic wavelength, do not let it slow you down but also do not push them to speed up. Just find a new outlet for your energy and maybe a buddy that is ready to keep up with where you are.

Cancer, in love and relationships, you are ready and in the mood to be bold, make big moves and extravagant gestures. That is fantastic; just make sure you take a moment to check in with where your partner is. If you aren’t in the same mood make sure to take that into account to avoid taking things personally!

Cancer, this month at work, if you are thinking about making big career shifts, take your time to be sure about what you want before you tell people around you your plans. Go ahead and be bold and daring in your career choices, just make sure you are clear on what you want first.

Cancer, overall this month, you have a ton of energy and a lot of ambition; channel it into the best areas of your life.

The Best Crystal for Cancer This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Hematite!

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Leo, this month, multiple areas of your life are in a really great place, so savor and appreciate what you have. With so many things going right, take time and be patient with the things that aren’t perfectly lining up and really look at what the root of the issue is.

Leo, this month your love life is in a spectacular place. Keep that openness with your partner and be available for them. Everything is really falling into place; just don’t let it puff up your ego!

Leo, this month, at work, wind down and do not overload yourself with more than you can handle. Striking balance between productiveness and relaxation allows your work to be better and your attitude to stay positive.

Leo, overall this month, enjoy what you have, keep your stress levels low and do not ignore parts of your life that are not in balance.

The Best Crystal for Leo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Tourmalinated Quartz!

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Virgo, this month, don’t force yourself to follow through with plans that don’t make you feel good. If you agreed to something but it’s feeling negative or stressful, be honest; either ask for a rain check or cancel. Do what feels best to you! Change things up!

Virgo, in love this month, make time for the ones you love but do not spread yourself too thin. If you’re at the beginning of something new, give it time to develop. Your long-term relationships need time for new growth as well so have patience.

Virgo, at work, do not let yourself get too stern or rigid when you find co-workers a bit frazzled around you. Keeping a level head and a bright outlook can be just as, if not more effective than a stern attitude. With this perspective, you can get some really good work done with your team!

Virgo, overall this month, keep your boundaries intact, but, be aware of your effect on those close. Your energy ripples out and touches the ones you care about. Energy flows both ways so practice self-awareness!

The Best Crystal for Virgo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Moonstone!

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Libra, this month spend some time with the people who mean the most. After all, the best way to start the New Year is to be around the ones you love. Work and romance have lots of potential positives heading your way.

Libra, in the realm of love and relationships, spending time with friends may not seem romantic but it is a great way to put you in a good mood, which is a wonderful way to attract more positive interactions to your life; so, take time to hang out with your soul tribe.

Libra, at work and career, really enjoying time off will be a great way to put yourself in a great mood at work. Relaxing may seem counterproductive, but with less stress that results, you will do your best work.

Libra, overall this month, nourish your relationships and allow positive interactions to diffuse into every part of your life.

The Best Crystal for Libra This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Carnelian!

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Scorpio, this month is a time for renewal and regeneration as you connect with your close circle of friends and look forward to the new mysteries of a New Year. Your magnetic personality will draw people to you that will benefit your life. In turn, your dynamic personality will uplift and inspire them!

Scorpio, in the area of love and relationships, you may be feeling more outgoing and ready to party than usual, embrace that. Someone could very well be drawn to this fresh version of you fueled by your natural magnetism. Stay in touch with your feelings as you start this new

Scorpio, in work and career, you may be in the mood to make bold and big changes around the office. However, it might be best to take time before jumping into anything. Use this mood to inspire any needed improvements.

Scorpio, overall this month, you’re really ready to seize the moment and try new things; just don’t make any leaps without looking a little bit ahead first!

Scorpio, overall this month, you’re really ready to seize the moment and try new things; just don’t make any leaps without looking a little bit ahead first!

The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Sunstone!

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Sagittarius, this month spend quality time with your friends and loved ones and don’t get too caught up in work that you forget to pause and enjoy your environment. Keep yourself active and creative as the New Year begins.

Sagittarius, in love and relationships, if you are completely infatuated with that special someone and cannot keep from declaring your love, do not hold back. Let them know how you feel. If you need to have more time to figure out your feelings, that’s fine too!

Sagittarius, in work and career, lots of doors are opening to you this year! Peek through each one to see what you’d like to pursue, the options are endless. You have a lot of new things you can explore so be selective with what truly fits you!

Sagittarius, this month, trust in your journey and your feelings! Pursue your instincts and declare it to the world!

The Best Crystal for Sagittarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Green Aventurine!

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Capricorn, this month, trust your instincts and do not feel obligated to cater to others. Draw your boundaries and ask for help when you need it.

Capricorn, in love and relationships, make sure you are putting your needs first, at least for a while. If you are worn out, you won’t have the energy to spend on your loved ones. Take a bit of “you” time so you’ll be in a better mood for “us” time.

Capricorn, in work and career, do not let work anxiety pull you into a spiral. Instead, get outdoors to reconnect with nature! Get active and move all that negativity out!

Capricorn, overall this month, take care of yourself and don’t get caught trying to make things work for others. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAPRICORN!

The Best Crystal for Capricorn This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Black Obsidian!

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Aquarius, this month it’s about time for a little less thought and a lot more action. Stop over- thinking things, just do it and

Aquarius, this month take time to reflect on your relationships both romantic and platonic. You may find you have new insights into your current relationship positions.

Aquarius, in love and relationships, get to know yourself and how you handle issues that arise in relationships. You may find an important insight that can really affect the outcome of your love life and friendships. Figure out a better way to communicate with the ones you love.

Aquarius, in work and career, you are in a very creative frame of mind! If you are feeling bored, look at things from a different perspective; find something to peak your interests! You’ll work better with a fresh interest to work on.

Aquarius, overall this month, do some soul searching and get to know who you are NOW. We are always changing; sometimes we need to be reintroduced to ourselves!

The Best Crystal for Aquarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Aquamarine!

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Pisces, this month put the focus on taking care of your body, mind, and spirit for the New Year. Be kind to yourself and start making changes that are in favor of your well-being.

Pisces, in the area of love and relationships, it is just as important to make sure your relationships are healthy and beneficial just like the choices. Pinpoint what isn’t working in your romantic and emotional life and make necessary changes.

Pisces, at work, once you’ve focused on your physical and emotional health, the next step is to take a look at your career. Write up a list of things you’d like to get out of your job and steps to make it happen!

Pisces overall this month, put yourself first and really get to work on making changes for yourself. Getting yourself in the best shape physically, mentally and emotionally will add spark to all areas of your life.

The Best Crystal for Pisces This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Orange Sodalite!

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