5 Signs You're in the Wrong Job: The 7 Branches of Work-Life Fulfillment

5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Job: The 7 Branches of Work-Life Fulfillment

by Christal Fuentes

Christal and Chrissy discuss the 7 Branches of Work-life Fulfillment – What makes people either satisfied or dissatisfied with their current job – and The 5 signs you should quit your job.

Did you know that 53% of American workers are dissatisfied with their job or workplace.

I can’t and shouldn’t do math, but if my 2nd grade math skills are still in tact that’s 73 million American people who are left unhappy with their place of work.

How I got that number:

158 million American Workers

divided by

46% of that number dissatisfied

= around 73 million dissatisfied people at work.

Although, stats have shown an increase in satisfaction over the past couple of years, over 60% of people aren’t particularly happy with the “recognition” they receive at work which studies have shown to mean more than actual compensations.

With all that said, I do believe we are in a special time. I find in the land of social media, influencers, “follow your passion” and “do what you love, you’ll never work a day of your life” quotes to be a bit misleading and, often times more than not, create unnecessary pressure that you shouldn’t feel good about what you do now.

In today’s episode, Chrissy and I go into the 7 Branches of Work-life Fulfillment. We found these branches to be the key distinctions of what makes people either satisfied or dissatisfied with their current job.

The 7 Branches of Work-life Fulfillment:

Financial return

(energy-mind-heart centered)

Financial compensation matches your role and what you bring to your job. You are able to make a healthy income for your lifestyle needs.

Interpersonal Relationships/Community


The culture at work is connected and unified. You enjoy the people you work with and everyone works as a team.

Growth and Opportunity

(heart and mind-centered)

You are constantly growing within your role. There’s room for advancement and / or opportunities for “role creation.” (role creation: a self appointed role that benefits the company based of company needs.)

Learning and Skill Development


You have honed in your skills since the start of this job. You are able to add more and more experience and technical/relational practices to your resume.



What you do matches your personal mission and purpose in the world. You truly believe you are coming from a place of personal power.

Time and Freedom


Your job gives the freedom for personal endeavors (i.e time with family, vacation, time to spend on hobby or side hustle, sick time off, maternity leave etc.)

Stress Levels


This job matches the level of stress you are able to handle without it trickling or getting in the way of your everyday life. Some people LOVE high stress jobs as it matches their personal values. Some people need low stress in order to be personally happy.

We go into each of these in-depth and have created a workbook for you to download that will help you get clear about whether or not your job is serving you.

As with any relationship, there are opportunities to transform and expand the scope into an empowering meaning, but if you find that after completing this exercise, you are still at a loss, here are the 5 signs you are probably in the wrong job.

5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Job:

  1. You are Feeling Stuck and Uninspired
  2. You Don’t Get Along with Your Boss
  3. Your job is not fulfilling at least two or more branches of fulfillment.
  4. Workplace drama is costing you your sanity, and management isn’t providing a safe place for you
  5. A better opportunity has presented itself

We are all about personal responsibility so whether a job is working for you (pun intended) we are the source of change. Create new and empowering meanings about who you are and what you bring. If an environment doesn’t cater to that ultimate vision, then MAKE A CHANGE!


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Download the 7 Branches of Work Life Fulfillment Worksheet

Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.


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