Code of Ethics for Spiritual Practitioners and Coaches

Code of Ethics for Spiritual Practitioners & Coaches with Zen Rose Garden

by Christal Fuentes

Christal sits down with Zen Rose Garden to discuss common ethical issues they see in different practices and what to keep in mind if you are a new practitioner – Big No No’s in sessions – How to manage personal triggers in sessions with clients – How to guide sessions in better ways – Who “out of scope” clients are.

I know that many of you are either coaches/healers or at the beginning stages of trying to become one so I figured today’s episode would be the first of many topics to follow, for my fellow spiritual practitioners, healers and coaches.

Throughout the years, I’ve had so many people ask me how I started coaching and how The Ladies Coach came about (which I will get into it more in the weeks following) but today we are going to focus on something that can get a bit lost in industries where there is little to no regulation.


In particular, ethics for coaches and spiritual practitioners.

As you know, many spiritual/coaching fields are not regulated by the government which means, anyone can be a coach or spiritual healer without being licensed or certified. There are definitely pros and cons to this.

PRO: Allows for more strategy and freedom to expand the session than traditional therapy

CON: Opens the risk of teetering between what’s ethical and what’s not

Regulation is what protects clients from people who are not properly trained. However, I do believe in this day and age, more and more forms of non-traditional therapy are opening up and are proven to work for many that wouldn’t necessarily be approved by the government.

I personally am a fan of traditional and non-traditional practices. I believe they are all necessary whether you lean more towards talk therapy or reiki, it all serves a purpose. What I am not a fan of is steering clients towards definite outcomes. Doesn’t matter if your client wants you to wave a magic wand and solve all their problems in a single session, your job is to guide them towards their own power.

As David says in our episode together,

“if you can resolve 10-20% of their pain points, you will have a happy client.”

But our goal is to help people leave sessions feeling empowered to claim that 10-20% as their own. Knowing that they have what it takes to change the trajectory of their own life, otherwise (as we discuss in today’s session) you are creating a co-dependent relationship with that client.

Unfortunately, that is what I tend to see many practitioners doing and since TLC is in the business of empowering women to create healthy and fulfilling relationships, it is important we as practitioners are not making our clients dependent on sessions.

Whether you are a psychic, reiki healer, life/relationship coach, therapist, psychotherapist, you have an obligation to cater to your clients highest good.


This episode is still for you as it is important to be aware of qualities to look for when seeking professional help from people.

In today’s session with Zen Rose Garden (my personal healers and regular guests on TLC) we discuss common ethical issues we see in practices and a look into what we as coaches and healers had to learn on our journey working with clients.

Zen Rose Garden integrates all forms of healing modalities from Therapy, Reiki, Hypnotherapy to Psychic and Mediumship work. They’ve had tons of experience integrating techniques that guide their clients deeper in healthy and empowering ways.

“The psychic arts and intuitive arts are the practices of possibilities, not definite outcomes.” – Heather Rodriguez

coaching code of ethics

1: Don’t blast your clients publicly

2: Don’t air your frustrations publicly

3: STOP forcing your clients to follow your path or system

4: Know what is your scope, and learn when and who to refer out

5: You’re not the answer to EVERYTHING… know your points of power

6: Recognize unstable clients, and know it’s OK to say no

7: When in session, it is about the client, don’t inject your shit

8: Own your projections and reflections

9: There is no definite outcome, stay neutral and open

10: You don’t always have the answers, ask questions to gain clarity

Download Zen Rose Garden’s Code of Ethics pdf below


Today, we discuss:

+ Common ethical issues we see in different practices and what to keep in mind if you are a new practitioner
+ What things you can do to prep before/after a session
+ How much trust you should give spiritual practitioners and coaches?
+ How to know when you are coming from the need to prove yourself and how that shows up in sessions
+ Big No No’s in sessions
+ How to manage personal triggers in sessions with clients
+ How to properly share client case studies


For coaches and practitioners: When was a time you completely adjusted your approach in sessions that you found helped your clients feel more empowered?

For my ladies who seek help from spiritual healers: What’s something you look for in healers/coaches that makes you feel more trusting of their work?

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Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.


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