Am I In a Bad Relationship?

by Christal Fuentes

Many toxic relationships continue to haunt the potential of true love. The sad part is that most people involved in toxic relationships don’t know they are in a bad relationship. What’s a toxic relationship? It is any relationship based on fear.

Here are some helpful hints if you are unsure if the relationship you are in is unhealthy or not:

  • If you are afraid to leave a relationship for any reason, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you find yourself feeling jealous and untrusting of your mate, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you constantly fight or argue in order to bring passion or even to get attention, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you are unable to truly be yourself, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you are disrespectful to each other either verbally or physically, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you do things for your partner hoping for a return, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you are afraid of your partner, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you are unable to manage all other areas of your life only to serve your relationship, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you try to be a woman your significant other wants you to be that ultimately conflicts with your truth, you are in a fear-based relationship
  • If you don’t feel beautiful, wanted, and cared for, you are in a fear based relationship
  • If you cringe at the thought of communicating your feelings to a significant other, you are in a fear-based relationship

These are to name a few, there obviously is more to this list, but I will leave it at that for now. However, if you have any questions regarding this topic please comment in the box below and I will help ya out, my lady! Now to get into an easy start to understanding and recovering from this relationship if you now know your relationship is unhealthy. The first step is to understand the ways you are connecting with yourself through these relationships.

The batshit crazy thing I find is that most women connect with themselves through chaos! Sometimes it’s even all we know.

If you find yourself in toxicity and chaos, ask yourself these questions:

  • What feeling am I trying to achieve? Example: Is it feeling wanted? Is it the fear of being alone?
  • What do the top three emotions I feel consistently through this relationship? Are there new feelings I’d like to replace these with?
  • What two things can I start doing now to connect with myself in positive ways and feel more of what I want to feel?

These questions certainly don’t fix the relationship, but it’s a start to building communication and connection to yourself. Self-dialogue is powerful ladies, so it is important to understand what thoughts and questions are going through our mind.

The more loving and powerful we get with those, the more love and connection we build with ourselves which in-turn allows us to live more truthful to our natural spirit.

As I’ve said before, your true self will create all-around healthy relationships in your life.

Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Deborah SAYS:

I answered yes to all those dot points.
I’ve left many many times, only to find myself getting hooked back in. I feel this is due to low self worth and fear of being not good enough for anyone else. I also find myself believing the lies I’m told when it doesn’t add up. Fearful of reactions from him. Major psychological abuse. NPD.

Maddie SAYS:

I answered yes to all of these dot points.
I left 9 months ago and to this day we are still seeing each other but aren’t together. I feel trapped like i can’t leave. But at the same time i don’t want to leave. I feel guilty if i leave. I don’t know if its the fear of not having anyone or not being good enough for anyone. I too believe lies even though they don’t make sense. He is manipulative and knows that he has that over me.

Susan SAYS:

I check all the dots as well, however i haven’t left yet still considering for many many reasons, it’s my house and he won’t leave , so that leaves me no choice but to leave my house behind, to get away from this. Obviously legally, it will get sorted out, but i still feel like i’m giving up and giving him everything by leaving.

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