4 Supportive Tools to Boost Your Self-Worth

4 Supportive Tools to Boost Your Self-Worth

by Tara Midwood

Do you believe in your own self-worth? Do you embrace your self-worth? As women, we have a tendency, to put others first, ignoring, unknowingly, our own self-worth, needs, and desires. Can you relate? It wasn’t until recently, that I realized just how much I had allowed my own worthiness to disintegrate.

I had lost all connection with my own self-worth, to the point where I honestly believed that everyone else deserved to relish in their achievements and successes, not me. I would cheer everyone else on to achieve what their hearts longed for, but I would not give myself that same love and attention that I truly desired.

Over the years, it is easy for us to push our needs down and give our complete heart and soul over to others. Convincing ourselves that supporting others in their daily achievements is a way to nourish ourselves as well, after all, we are being kind, supportive and nurturing to our loved ones, and isn’t that what life is all about? There are many factors to individuals’ self-worth. Low self-worth can bring with it feelings of sadness, negative thoughts, self-criticism, anger, guilt, low self-confidence, just to name a few.

Through my journey with low self-worth, I discovered some amazing support tools and some that I could reach for daily, to assist me in creating balance within my heart and soul. Providing me an outlet to be there for others, but also put my self-worth as a priority.

As Sahaj Kohli, so beautifully said,
The fact that someone else loves you doesn’t rescue you from the project of loving yourself.”

Here are four easy and supportive tools to help you boost your self-worth:

1. Hire a Coach

For me, hiring a coach was the major turning point I needed in my life. Through working with my coach, I uncovered that I was so deeply affected by low self-confidence and hadn’t realized for myself the impact it was having on my day to day life, let alone the massive goals I had set for myself.

My coach provided me a safe and confidential space, allowing me to talk from my heart, uncover the deepest connections to my low self-worth and then supported me in mending my heart and soul through actionable steps each session. Just having space and support sister to discover my true self was enough for me to face my self-worth, well lack of it, head on and delicately give myself the permission I unconsciously craved to step up and own this next level of my life.

I invite you to research and find a coach that resonates with you to support you in your journey of connecting with the heat and soul within.

2. Meditation

The bliss of meditation, or soul conversations as I like to call them. I had a lot of resistance initially to meditation. I would convince myself that it wasn’t for me, how was I supposed to sit for x number of minutes, in stillness and above all else in a quiet environment. My resistance to having a soul conversation with myself, was purely because I did not want to face the deeper feelings and reasoning I had behind my self-worth.

The power of connecting in with myself, on a soul level, allowed me to see that, I am worthy. I am worthy of allowing myself this time to heal, I am worthy of achieving my deepest desires and wildest dreams. I am worthy to feel what I am feeling. As I became more comfortable with my soul conversation, I found that I could connect in with my heart and soul at any time, in any place. When those moments hit, moments when I was feeling unworthy, I could channel into my soul and with a warm and caring hug tell myself I was going to be okay.

I found that when I took the pressure of what I thought meditation was meant to look like, it allowed me to surrender to what it truly means for me as a person. If you feel you resonate with mediation or soul conversations but get caught up in the whole ‘this is what meditation is meant to look like’ thought pattern, give yourself permission to change things up, experience connecting with your inner self in a way that doesn’t feel out of alignment with who you are.

You deserve to be comfortable and thriving in your practice lovely.

3. Journaling

Get it off your heart and onto paper gorgeous. When you write down everything that is within, a kind of magic happens, a release of tension, a weight lifted off your shoulders, a sense of acknowledgment to yourself. Beginning a journaling practice can at times look ‘messy’, writing down everything that you are processing in your mind and feeling in your heart and soul can be overwhelming, to say the least.

When your self-worth is low, there is so much going on in mind, body, and soul. Don’t worry if you write one sentence and the next sentence is something completely different, totally off topic or the complete opposite, of what you just wrote. Just get it all out! I found that my self-worth was so low because my thoughts were just a big ball of confusion. Writing it all out, being uncensored and unapologetically devoted, supported me to no end to reach a state of soothing okay-ness within my soul.

I say okay-ness (not a real word but one I could relate to) because I felt lighter after getting everything out of my head and heart and onto paper, but I wasn’t aware of the deeper underlying facts that allowed me to feel unworthy.

Combining journaling with my soul conversation has also proved to be an extremely supportive tool in my journey of low self-esteem. I allow myself to connect in and any thoughts, visuals, symbols, anything that makes its way into my mindsight is written down after my practice.

4. Essential Oils

Thank You Mama Nature for providing us with the most gentle and effective support tools! Being introduced to the world of essential oils has been nothing short of amazing. Immersing myself in the scents of essential oils has allowed me to feel supported on a whole new level.

When we inhale an essential oil, the scent of that oils travels up to our limbic system (the limbic system is situated on both sides of the thalamus, under the cerebrum in our brain and includes the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala), the home of our emotions, memories and stimulation and stimulates and triggers a memory, or memories, and supports in feeling a certain way.

Through my journey with essential oils, I have found that if I am repulsed by a scent it is because that essential oil triggers something that I need to work on within. If I am aware of what I need to work on within I can reach for essential oils that I know will support me and assist in creating harmony and balance within.

Essential oils that I use to support me on my journey of low self-worth are:

Bergamot – The Oil of Self-Acceptance – I love to diffuse bergamot or dilute and apply over my heart/chest area. Inhaling this oil allows me to experience a lightness and love for myself.

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Copaiba – The of Unveiling – I pop this beauty into my handbag and when I feel it’s needed I add a drop or two to the palm of my hand, rub my hands together in a circular motion and then cup my hands over my nose and inhale deeply. I feel this allows me to deeply ground and feel secure within myself.

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When adding essential oils to your toolkit of support please research and find a brand that deeply resonates with you and that you know are of the purest quality.

When you experience low self-worth, it can be frightening at times. Knowing that you have a toolkit of magical proportions and one that will support you on a mind, body and soul level, it can take the pressure off yourself a little more.

Above all else, YOU deserve all the success, all the happiness, all the love, in the world. YOU ARE WORTHY!!! Allow yourself the space to thrive and glow, embrace your self-worth because you, my dear friend, are worth all the stars in the universe and so much more.

Tara Midwood

about the author

Tara Midwood

Tara is a Life Coach, Counsellor, and DoTerra Wellness Advocate. Tara's mission is to support women through the experiences of depression and anxiety and empower them to thrive and glow.


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